Integrating Platforms

The transformative solution will bridge the physical (real-time) and digital worlds (Industrial IoT with real-time applications).

Increase Efficiency

We are the catalyst in creating a digital factory that monitors, processes, and enables all stakeholders to create value in real-time.

Monitor Operations

Developing the "factory of the future", where defects, downtime, waste, and waiting are archaic.

Striving to achieve the epitome of efficiency

Leveraging The Power of Advanced Analytics & Process Automation.


A Quick Overview


How do we assess the digital readiness of the client?

We assess the current network facility and check if the available PLCs/Controllers and SCADA are communicable. Then, we identify the areas where digitization creates gaps and suggest alternatives in terms of security.

How do we scheme the development of a new digital operation for manufacturing?

We design an end-to-end IIoT solution definition with the required automation and communication, in which we will highlight the challenges.

How do we deploy our solutions?

We establish the network & security elements for all the machines per the scope and provide first-level training to the users. Then, we also conduct UAT and signoff. After which, we post a UAT to train all the users.


Our Core Capabilities

22 JUL, 2022

How is IoT Revolutionizing Textile Manufacturing in India?

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the textile manufacturing industry by streamlining processes for the users. It enables better handling of big data in textile machinery which is enormous.