Connecting R&D With Customers to Drive Innovations That Are Sustainable


Brands create innovative experiences across platforms and touchpoints with Petrus.


Our competitive positioning, opportunity mapping, and trend analysis help shape outcomes.


Build robust services intelligence that drives customer satisfaction & build first-party product usage data that can be rendered realtime

Partner With an Expert Team To Develop Products Faster and at a Competitive Cost

Our designs have been used in an ever-increasing number of industries. Our industrial design solutions are cost-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and efficiently manufactured to meet your brief at any predefined standards and practice.

  • Product Engineering

    Conceptual design to verification

  • Photo-realistic Rendering

    Concept development and refinement


Drive Thriving Digital Transformations With Us

We deliver industry-leading computational intelligence tools, a distinct approach, and our track record of innovation.

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Research & Conceptualization

Connect the dots between manufacturing and the rest of the business to collaborate more effectively.

Design Thinking

We can handle both your implementation and design needs with our UX experts.

Product Engineering

Our digital transformation solutions are designed to make your complex manufacturing operations more productive and profitable.


Building a best-in-class innovative experience requires combining research, branding, and design expertise.