Case Study

Product Optimization

See how Petrus reduced 40% of parts for a Mixing Bale opener machine for a customer in the Industrial Domain.

Problem Statement

  • Customer wanted a hybrid machine to reduce the operational time, cost and infrastructure.


  • The concept design was created by integrating two different machines -The mixing Bale Opener and the Weighing Feeder Machine.
  • 60% of existing parts were reused.
  • Integrating the functions reduced 40% of components, leading to a 23% reduction in the total cost of the product.
  • Operational time, assembly line setup, material, and related costs were reduced.


  • Kinematic analysis was performed for motion analysis.
  • An integrated machine has been developed to reduce the processing cost of cotton.
  • DFX methodologies were implemented during design.

Sustainable Value Delivered


Reduction in parts 


Total cost reduction


Reused existing parts