Case Study

Process Optimization

See how Petrus reduced the cycle time by 30% for a C-frame component used in Aero structure for a customer in Aerospace domain.

Problem Statement

  • Customer wanted to optimize the manufacturing process to reduce the cycle time for C-Frame component used in Aero Structure.


  • We comprehensively analyzed the current tools, identifying an optimal cutting strategy for the machining process.
  • Dynamic cutting strategies have significantly improved manufacturing efficiency, tool life, quality, and cost savings.


  • Drastically reduced air cuts, maximized the feed rates of non-cutting moves, and improved machining time by more than 20%.
  • Maintained rigidity to achieve excellent surface quality.
  • Cycle time has been reduced by 30% through the Optimized machining strategies
  • Attained precise tolerances and a surface finish within the range of 1.6 Ra.
  • The new cutting strategy also solved existing surface chattering issues.

Sustainable Value Delivered


Reduction in cycle time 


Improvement in machine time