Case Study

Process Optimization

See how Petrus reduced the material weight of more than 220 Pounds on a casing of CAN changer machine for a customer in Industrial Domain.

Problem Statement

  • Customer wanted to reduce the cost of the casing of a CAN changer machine used in Draw frame of Textile Machinery.


  • The entire Casing structure was analyzed in detail.
  • The casting base structure in the CAN changer frame was eliminated, and instead, a new Sandwich frame made of sheet metal was replaced.
  • Foundry processes & casting pattern development and related costs for this product were eliminated by this indigenous design.
  • Achieved a weight reduction of 210 Pounds from the existing 430 Pounds.


  • DFX methodologies were implemented in the conversion.
  • Product handling for transportation made more convenient.

Sustainable Value Delivered


Reduction in material weight

Cost Reduction

CAN changer casing