Sustainable Manufacturing is the smartest way forward

Sustainable is ...

Manufacturers want to produce high quality products that support societies and enable them to grow and prosper. In doing so, manufacturers want to constantly make their production process efficient, control costs, stay ahead of the market, innovate faster, control risks, and ensure high customer experience.

Petrus, with the DNA of 6 decades of product engineering and manufacturing, understands this as much as you do. We guide manufacturing organizations at every step to set goals and modernize their processes and operations to unlock the potential of smart manufacturing. We rapidly deliver value, such as, improved profitability, machine utilization, shopfloor efficiency and more. We will enable you to simplify the complexity and close the gap between the current state and Industry 4.0 and guide you through the journey of sustainable manufacturing.

Experience the Future of Sustainable Manufacturing with Petrus.

Our Approach

3-in-a-box Value

It takes a 3 dimension approach for you to realize continuous value.

Petrus is backed by six decades of Manufacturing DNA. We combine it with our expertise in digital technologies and sustainability to enable you to outclass your competition.

Engineering DNA

Digital Technologies Expertise


Our Goal

1 Billion Sustainable Benefits

Sustainable Manufacturing is beyond a war cry at Petrus. It is ingrained into every aspect of who we are and what we do. We begin with sustainability in mind, take pride in each of our engagements and aspire to be the organization to deliver 1 Billion Sustainable Benefits to you (our customers) and in turn, to the society, through you. We invite you to be part of the journey. Together let’s push the limits of sustainable manufacturing.

Srinivasa Rao Kottamasu (KSR)

CEO, Petrus Technologies