Petrus Production Monitoring 1

Track and analyze your production process in real-time

Production Monitoring

The Production Monitoring System is the cornerstone of modern manufacturing, orchestrating efficiency and insight. Petrus’ Production Monitoring Solution provides live machine status monitoring, offering a continuous vigil over machines to provide timely insights into their status, efficiency, and potential stoppages. This real-time awareness empowers decision-makers with the ability to address issues promptly, optimizing the overall production process. The system’s prowess extends to real-time and shift Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and Overall Labor Effectiveness (OLE) calculations, where data from the production floor is collected and analyzed in real-time. Workorder management is seamlessly integrated into the system, ensuring the orchestration of an efficient workflow, timely completion of tasks, and optimal resource utilization.

Our solution offers unparalleled insights into your production processes, enabling you to optimize efficiency, reduce waste, and significantly lower environmental impact.

Live Machine Status Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of machines to provide timely insights into the status, efficiency, and potential stoppages.

Real-time & Shift OEE/OLE

Data from the production floor is collected and analyzed in real-time, to calculate Availability, Performance and Quality metrics to arrive OEE/OLE.

Downtime Capture & Alerts

Define downtimes, assign codes, and monitor real-time to capture downtimes which aids in analysis and continuous improvement activities.

Workorder Management

Monitor work orders to ensure efficient workflow, timely completion of tasks, and effective utilization of resources.

Shift Configuration

Arrangement and scheduling of work hours, holidays & breaks for assets & machines.

Machine Utilization Tracker

Monitor and analyze the usage of machines or equipment across the shifts.

PQCDMS Display Board

Track the critical metrics across the departments related to Productivity, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Morale & Safety

Digital Requests

Replace the paper-based request slip used to get Tools, Jigs & Fixtures, Measurement tools, etc.

Digital Operator Interface

Improved operator productivity & process efficiency through aspects, such as work order list, part count, and quality rejection.

IIOT Command Center

Enhanced shop-floor visibility & transparency with improved operational efficiency & control.

Configurator Device Management

Get better visibility of device performance through flexible & structured device management.

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