Towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Design for fewer materials, more durability and optimized manufacturing

The digital, physical, and virtual realms are merging at an unprecedented rate, changing the way products are designed, developed, and manufactured. But sticking to old procedures and ignoring this shift could mean falling behind. Without a synergy of hardware and software, your products may fail to meet the ever-evolving market demands. The lack of connectedness and sustainability in your products can lead to irrelevance, and the eventual decline in your business. 

Petrus can help you redefine your engineering process, ensuring your products are at the forefront of the digital revolution. Our services are designed to create, develop and manufacture products that are not just aligned with the current trends but also future-ready. We bring a seamless synergy between hardware and software, enabling your products to stay connected and sustainable. With Petrus, you’re not just surviving, but thriving.

Challenges we help you solve

How can I enhance product & manufacturing efficiency with sustainable reuse and recycling?

How can I ensure that all regulatory requirements of the products comply with sustainable requirements?

How can I reduce material wastage by creating lighter and more efficient products during the design phase?

How can I research and identify the new material with a new manufacturing process to ensure sustainable?

How can I reduce the number of physical prototypes, thus minimizing waste and energy consumption?

How can I enable connectedness for my products, providing enhanced customer experience with after sales service?

Engineering Services to accelerate your sustainable manufacturing journey

Mechanical Product Design
Manufacturing Support
Electrical Design
Embedded Design
Technical Publication
Industrial Animation
Petrus Product Design

Mechanical Product Design

Transform your ideas into sustainable manufacturing solutions with our Mechanical Product Design services. Our team of skilled engineers specializes in creating innovative and eco-friendly designs that address the core challenge of optimizing production efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

Petrus Manufacturing Support

Manufacturing Support

Enhance your manufacturing processes and achieve sustainable growth with our Manufacturing Support services. We provide expert guidance and solutions to streamline operations, reduce waste, and improve overall efficiency, helping your company stay competitive in today’s eco-conscious market.

Petrus Electrical Design

Electrical Design

Harness the power of sustainable electrical systems with our Electrical Design services. Our experienced engineers develop cutting-edge solutions that not only meet your performance needs but also prioritize energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, addressing the challenge of reducing carbon footprint in manufacturing.

Petrus Embedded Design

Embedded Design

Our Embedded Design services help you stay ahead in the era of sustainable manufacturing by modernizing operations while minimizing environmental impact. We create innovative embedded systems that enhance automation, optimize resource utilization, and contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices.

Petrus Technical Publication

Technical Publication

Communicate your manufacturing processes effectively and sustainably with our Technical Publication services. We help you create clear and eco-friendly documentation that aids in training, maintenance, and compliance, addressing the challenge of reducing paper waste and improving information accessibility.

Petrus Industrial Animation

Industrial Animation

Bring your manufacturing processes to life with our Industrial Animation services. Our animations help visualize complex operations, promote safety awareness, and facilitate efficient training, all while aligning with sustainable manufacturing by reducing the need for physical prototypes and material waste.

Consulting-Led Offerings adding value at each stage of your sustainable manufacturing journey

Recyclability and End-of-Life Considerations

Recyclable materials selection and design of components, making it easier to disassemble and recycle them.

Material Efficiency

Selecting materials judiciously, minimizing waste through optimizing design solution.

Durability and Repair

Design will focus on durability, ease of repair, and modular designs, extending the product's lifespan.

Cost Effective

Increased operational efficiency by reducing costs and waste through sustainable solution.

Fewer Physical Trials

Fewer physical trials as more trial-and-error iterations are achieved through CAE and CAM simulations.

Net Zero Status

Achieve the transition to net zero.

Brand Loyalty

Improve brand loyalty towards environmental and social responsibility.

Competitive Differentiation

Improved customer engagement and competitive differentiation through sustainable solutions

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