Petrus Asset Health Performance

Elevate your asset management practices,  drive operational excellence and maximize asset lifetime

Asset Health & Performance

Enhance your asset health and performance monitoring with our comprehensive suite of features, designed to equip organizations with actionable insights and optimize asset reliability. Through Real-time Monitoring, we provide continuous surveillance of asset performance, swiftly detecting anomalies to mitigate risks and ensure operational continuity. Our intuitive Dashboard and Visualization tools offer clear, graphical representations of monitoring data, enabling users to interpret information effortlessly and make informed decisions confidently.

Our Data Collection capabilities gather data from diverse sources including sensors, IoT devices, and Data acquisition systems, delivering a holistic view of asset health for informed decision-making. With Condition Monitoring, we track critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and vibration, providing a comprehensive assessment of asset condition.

Petrus Diagnostic

Detailed asset diagnostics pinpoint root causes of issues

Petrus Asset Health

Calculate asset health scores based on multiple parameters

Petrus Digital Maintenance

Generate Maintenance Schedules based on defect identification

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