Automate your way into smart and sustainable manufacturing.


Sustainable value our Smart Solutions Delivered


Improvement in real-time OEE through authentic data


Increase in Tool life  utilization


Improved utilization in CMMI machines 

SMART” for us is doing things efficiently & effectively. Smart for us is “Sustainable”. Our Smart solutions help you design, build and maintain Smart Product, Smart Factory, and Smart Manufacturing.

Smart Product
Smart Factory
Smart Manufacturing

Sustainable Products are Smart Products

Companies must develop smart products to enhance sustainability by creating goods that consume less energy, have longer life spans, and can be easily updated or recycled. Smart products, through efficient use of resources and data-driven insights, contribute to reducing environmental impact while meeting consumer demands for eco-friendly and innovative solutions.

Sustainable Factory is a Smart Factory

Companies should pursue the smart factory model to align with sustainability goals by optimizing resource use, reducing waste, and minimizing energy consumption through efficient, data-driven processes. Leveraging IoT, AI, and analytics enables precise control and predictive maintenance, fostering eco-friendly operations that not only cut costs but also contribute to environmental preservation and responsible manufacturing practices.

Sustainable Manufacturing is Smart Manufacturing

Adopting smart manufacturing is crucial for companies aiming to bolster sustainability by streamlining production processes, minimizing waste, and conserving energy. Through technologies like IoT and AI, firms can achieve precise control over resource use, enhance efficiency, and reduce environmental footprint, leading to more sustainable operations and products.

Petrus Connect – One Solution Many Use-Cases

PetrusConnect is a dynamic smart manufacturing platform that empowers manufacturers in today’s fast-paced, real-time data-driven business landscape. PetrusConnect seeks to transform and optimize the entire manufacturing process. By connecting the four pivotal dimensions — “Man, Machine, Method, and Material” — PetrusConnect offers a comprehensive solution crucial for understanding and optimizing manufacturing processes.

It collects real-time data from sensors and devices throughout the manufacturing environment, fostering connectivity between people, machinery, and processes.

This data undergoes thorough analysis, offering insights across all aspects of production, including machine performance, quality control, inventory management, and supply chain visibility.

Challenges we help you solve

How can I identify and prevent issues that are hurting my manufacturing efficiency and productivity

How can I monitor & manage all manufacturing processes from a central location

How can I reduce waste, costs and prevent down time

How can I monitor the product quality parameters in real-time

How can I monitor tool lifecycle for timely replacements

How can I identify and optimize energy inefficiencies

Solutions to enable you realize the dream of Smart Products, Smart Factory and Smart Manufacturing

Production Monitoring

Real-time tracking and analysis of production processes.

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Workorder Management

Selecting materials judiciously, minimizing waste through optimizing design solution.

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Smart Metrology

Design will focus on durability, ease of repair, and modular designs, extending the product's lifespan.

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Tool Crib & Tool Mgmt.

Inventory tracking and management of tools and equipment.

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Quality Management System

Immediate identification and rectification of quality issues.

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Track & Trace

Real-time tracking of materials and products throughout the production cycle.

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Asset Health & Performance

Improve brand loyalty towards environmental and social responsibility.

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Command & Control Center

Centralized platform for monitoring and managing all manufacturing processes.

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Condition Monitoring

Early detection of potential issues to prevent unplanned downtime.

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Energy Monitoring

Identify energy inefficiencies for optimization.

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Digital Maintenance

Predictive maintenance planning based on data analytics.

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Digital Quality Inspection

Real-time data collection for quality assurance.

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Core expertise that drives our sustainable solution delivery

Sensorization & Connectivity

Compute Vision Technologies

Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

OT and IT Security Management

Industrial UX Design and Development

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