Engineering & R&D Service

We support Industries for sustainable growth with innovative technologies and software solutions to meet the growing demand.

Manufacturing & Engineering

We provide end-to-end customized IT solutions that increase efficiency, are cost-optimized, and reduce environmental impact.

Industrial Design

With our industrial design solutions, emerging technologies are incorporated into the entire production process.

Digital Factory

We help you keep pace with change with our next-generation smart manufacturing technology. 

The Elevator Pitch

Innovation Delivered Through Digital Engineering

Petrus Technologies is a firm whose strength is in envisioning future, creating disruptive value for business and in delivering it, on a reliable bed rock of LMW values and trust. We aim to bring to the world the wings to fly with innovative technologies while we are rooted in strong and time-tested delivery principles bringing fastest time to market, quicker return on investment and incredible rate de success.


Our Core Capabilities

11 Nov, 2022

Ergonomic Design of Phaco Emulsifier Foot Pedal for Smooth Cataract Surgery

The Emulsifier Phaco Foot Pedal facilitates cataract surgery through smooth pedal movements. Petrus Technologies came up with an innovative design that helped our client to market the product quickly at reduced cost.

7 Years Experience

Petrus Technologies was formerly known as LLS Engineering Limited. We offer a wide range of automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, consumer, and electrical & embedded services. We are established with a passion for performing at the best level of our ability. We endeavour to provide trusted and continuous support to our customers by enabling companies to conceptualize, design, and manufacture products.

  • One-Stop solutions
  • 60 Years of strong Engineering Expertise
  • Vast In-House Engineering and Manufacturing Ecosystem
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From Our Archives

01 Dec, 2022

Reverse Engineering Oral Health Products Bringing Design To Life

At Petrus, we help companies design and develop products, whether it’s coming up with brand new concepts or taking existing products and making them better. We also keep an eye out for upcoming trends so that our clients can stay ahead of the curve.