Petrus Digital Quality Inspection

Streamline your quality inspection processes, and drive continuous improvement

Digital Quality Inspection

Revamp your quality inspection processes with our state-of-the-art digital quality inspection solution, equipped with a dynamic suite of features to streamline quality procedure, and uphold top-notch quality standards. Effortlessly create custom inspection checklists tailored to different inspection types with our digital checklist configuration, enabling rapid deployment and efficient data collection.

Conduct inspections seamlessly using our intuitive inspection app, whether online or offline. Add text comments and photos to provide comprehensive insights during inspections. Swiftly identify and address non-conformities and opportunities for improvement and share observations and assign corrective actions directly within your team, effortlessly tracking the entire troubleshooting process.

Petrus Data Collection

Real-time data collection for quality assurance

Petrus Automated Workflow

Streamlined inspection workflows

Petrus Downtime

Reduced downtime through timely equipment upkeep

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