Petrus Tool Crib & Tool Management

Streamline your tool management processes & enhance operational efficiency

Tool Crib & Tool Management

Revolutionize your tool and tool crib management with our innovative solution, offering a range of dynamic features to streamline operations and boost productivity. Through Digital Tool Requests, users can effortlessly submit requests via a user-friendly interface, streamlining tracking, approval, and fulfilment processes for seamless workflow management. Monitor tool performance in real-time with Tool Life Monitoring, tracking crucial parameters like wear, temperature, and vibrations during machining operations to ensure optimal tool utilization and prevent unexpected downtime.

Record and analyze tool usage and breakage incidents with Tool Breakage Monitoring, empowering data-driven decisions for future optimization of tooling strategies and parameters. Gain comprehensive insights into tool inventory and usage history with the Digital Tool History Card, facilitating tracking of usage history, maintenance records, inspection data, and calibration history for jigs and fixtures. Efficiently manage tool inventory with the Tool Masters feature, tracking essential details including on-hand quantity, part numbers, location, supplier information, tool life, and calibration status.

Petrus Track

Inventory tracking & management of tools & equipment

Petrus Condition Monitoring

Tool lifecycle monitoring for timely replacements

Petrus Material Efficiency

Enhanced efficiency in tool usage and maintenance

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