Delivering the Benefits of Sustainable Manufacturing

Smart Factory

Petrus Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable & Smart Factory Operations

See how Petrus designed connected factory operations by bringing all stakeholders to sustain and increase efficiency and reduce CoPQ.

Factory IoT

Petrus Blogs

Sustainable Factory IoT Implementation

See how Petrus implemented Factory IoT to connect & see machine performance & utilization in real time

Sustainable Redesign

Petrus Sustainable Redesign

Oral Healthcare Product Redesign

See how Petrus reverse engineered oral health products bringing design to life

Machine Redesign

Petrus Aerospace Manufacturing

Precision Machine Redesign

See how Petrus helped eliminate surface chattering issues while machining aerospace components

Healthcare Product Design

Petrus Cataract Foot Pedal Design

Sustainable Foot Pedal Design

See how Petrus designed a sustainable design of Phaco Emulsifier foot pedal for smooth cataract surgery