Petrus Track and Trace

Real-time insights to enhance efficiency and improve asset utilization

Track & Trace

Renovate your materials tracking with our advanced track and trace solution, equipped with advanced features to enhance visibility of material tracking. Seamlessly track the movement and usage of materials using RFID and barcodes, allowing you to pinpoint their live location within the shop floor. Keep critical instruments and tools in check with our Instrument & Tools Tracker, enabling efficient tracking of issued items and sending return alerts when necessary, ensuring availability when needed most.

Maintain optimal control over geographic locations and assets with our Location configuration feature, allowing you to customize parameters and settings related to geographic location information devices and assets. Receive real-time alerts with our Location Breach Alert feature, notifying key stakeholders when assets or devices exceed authorized locations as per configured settings, ensuring compliance and security.

Petrus Realtime Track

Real-time tracking of materials and products across the production cycle

Petrus Realtime Track

Traceability for quality control and compliance

Petrus Realtime Track

Enhanced visibility & accountability in the supply chain

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