Case Study

Sustainable Factory IoT Implementation

See how Petrus implemented Factory IoT to connect & see machine performance & utilization in real time

About the Client

The client is a well-known CNC machine manufacturer Headquartered in India and servicing their customer across the globe. They have 2 plants established in the south of India manufacturing state of art Turning, Milling & Turnmills having supplied more than 32,000 CNC machines to a wide customer base across industries.

Problem Statement

To face the dynamic micro & macro market conditions, the client needed a digital solution to capture their original equipment effectiveness (OEE) to assess and find areas of improvement. Some of the problems they were looking to solve are ensure machine & material availability, optimal machine utilization, and reduce unplanned downtime


Petrus did a detailed assessment of their actual production process and realized the need for digitization and proposed to leverage Industry 4.0 to achieve the intended outcome using IIoT & Data. The functional modules that were designed as part of the solution are

  • Production Monitoring System
  • Condition Monitoring System


  • Established a network within the factory to communicate with the PLC of the machine
  • Edge boards were deployed to augment additional sensors to capture machine parameters across their 40+ machines
  • Data collected from the machine is pushed into the proprietary IIoT platform
  • Sensor data used for Maintenance alerts were created for individual machine

Sustainable Value Delivered


Increase in Machine Utilization


Improvement in Real-time OEE


Reduction in unplanned downtime (MTBF)