Case Study

Precision Machine Redesign 

See how Petrus helped eliminate surface chattering issues while machining aerospace components.

About the Client

The client is a world renowned aerospace component manufacturer. 

Problem Statement

Our  clients  were  trying  to  achieve  tolerance  for  their  intricate  aerospace components, but they ended up having surface chattering issues. So, we extended our efforts to eliminate the surface chatter and achieved tolerance levels with our sophisticated solutions.

Chattering is an expensive problem during machining, Chatter created by vibration in the CNC machine tool cutting process can lead to higher costs, poor quality, and delayed deliveries. Additionally, it increases the risk of machine tool damage, and the cost of both equipment and machining time.


  • Our mission is to provide high-quality deliverables on a consistent basis, with a first time-right  and  every-time-right  approach. 

  • To  reduce  surface  chattering  issues without compromising tolerance and with minimal cycle time.


    • We took the existing tools and reverse-engineered them to meet our customer’s specifications

    • We started by identifying a highly efficient HSM strategy for the machined part

    • Introduced the level-by-level approach and ensured high rigidity and good surface quality

    • Finally, the whole part was machined in a single setup to achieve precision.

    • Eliminated the setups for machining

Sustainable Value Delivered


Reduction in cycle time 


Hit critical tolerance levels with a good surface finish


Achieve unsurpassed precision quality